The Ladenburg Funds provide you with an opportunity to receive a complete and diversified asset allocation through 5 mutual fund vehicles, with risk categories ranging from conservative to aggressive. The Ladenburg Income Fund, Ladenburg Income & Growth Fund, Ladenburg Growth & Income Fund, Ladenburg Growth Fund and Ladenburg Aggressive Growth Fund (collectively "the Funds") each invest in a combination of equity, fixed income and alternative strategy exchange traded funds ("ETFs"), exchange-traded notes ("ETNs") and mutual funds to build globally diversified asset allocations which are tactically managed by Ladenburg Thalmann Asset Management ("Ladenburg").

The Funds each offer Class A, C, or I mutual fund shares and are managed according to Ladenburg's investment philosophy. As such, Ladenburg will make tactical shifts within the Funds in response to market conditions. These shifts can occur within an asset class (e.g. shifting between market capitalizations, geographic regions, credit qualities or durations) or between asset classes (e.g. shifting some of the Fund’s assets allocated to equity into fixed income). Each Fund may invest up to 10% of its assets in money market funds.

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