The Investment Consulting Services ("ICS") program is a comprehensive, personalized investment management program designed to help those with considerable wealth accumulate and preserve their assets. Full asset allocations start at a minimum investment of $1mm, giving, individuals, institutions, foundations, endowments, retirement plans and profit sharing plans receive access to a boutique list of investment managers, across the spectrum of asset classes.

Our team of analysts thoroughly examines non-proprietary institutional managers for inclusion in the ICS program. Investment managers must meet the highest of standards and will be selected from a universe of rigorously screened candidates. Once a manager has been added to our investment platform, we continue to review and monitor their management in order to ensure that, by maintaining them as a recommended manager, they represent a suitable solution for you. Whether you choose a complete asset allocation strategy or select an investment manager for a specific asset class, you can be certain that the proposed solutions will be derived from a disciplined process that is focused on your specific objectives. Your advisor can provide you with further information on the managers included in the ICS program.


The ICS program offers you access to the resources and experience of proven professionals. When combined with your advisor's ability to precisely target your individual objectives, the manager we recommend can be deployed in a fashion that is tailored to your specific investment preferences.


The securities purchased in your account belong to you – an important advantage that, among other benefits, can help you manage tax consequences. Unlike investing in a mutual fund or pooled investment, you are not subject to gains earned by other shareholders, which is important as you coordinate year-end tax management strategies. We encourage clients to review investment decisions and other activities with potential tax implications with their tax advisor.


Ladenburg believes in complete transparency within the ICS program from beginning to end. Steps such as due diligence, research, fulfillment, and trading are all fully disclosed. In addition, your assets will be held with an unaffiliated custodian who is responsible for the execution, clearance and settlement of securities transactions, preparing and sending periodic statements of your account and transaction confirmations, and the custody (or safekeeping), receipt, and delivery of funds and securities.


You can direct your investment manager to exclude certain securities or sectors from your portfolio, such as companies or industries in which you already have a large concentration, or ones in which you have chosen to avoid entirely.


Ladenburg understands that clients demand customized solutions that address their unique needs. Accordingly, if the size of your portfolio is suitable for an asset allocation proposal, we will collaborate with your advisor and follow a disciplined, consultative process in the development of your investment policy statement. In developing this, we will take into consideration your risk tolerance, investment objectives, financial circumstances, and long term goals. Your advisor will then diligently monitor the investment performance within your ICS account.


Our ICS program offers an innovative wrap-fee pricing structure. Our competitive fee-based pricing reinforces the objectivity of your advisor and aligns their goals with yours by creating a common interest of preserving assets and increasing the value of those assets.

The return and principal value of an investment will fluctuate so that, when redeemed, they may be worth more or less than their original cost. Economic and market conditions effect the performance of an account. Since no one investment program is suitable for all types of investors, this information is provided for informational purposes only. You should review your investment objectives, risk tolerance and liquidity needs before selecting a suitable investment program. Not FDIC Insured.